See Your Success

Facing Your Giants
One of my favorite movie scenes of all time is in Facing the Giants.  It is the story of a high school football coach and his team.  In this scene, the coach is talking to the team about their upcoming game when one of the players makes a negative comment.  The player does not believe they can win the game.  So, the coach puts him to a personal test.  He has him do a bear crawl blindfolded with another player on his back.  The coach challenges this very talented player to make it fifty yards without giving up.  He has never gone that far before.  While he is struggling to make it to the fifty blindfolded, the coach is yelling encouragement at him the whole time.  The player keeps yelling back, “Am I at the fifty, yet?”  His body is tired but his mind is forcing him to overcome, thanks to the coach.  When his body finally gives out he says one last time, “Am I at the fifty?”  That is when the coach takes off the blindfold and says, “No, you are in the endzone.”  He did not go fifty yards.  He went one hundred yards!  That story gives me goosebumps just writing about it.  It illustrates how powerful our minds are when we do not limit them.

Mental Obstacles
Your lack of success may be from the obstacles that exist in your mind.  Have you convinced yourself that you cannot do something?  You never will unless you can overcome that obstacle in your mind.  Do you want to live the rest of your life believing that you cannot do something?  I hope not.  You will never reach your goals if you keep allowing your mind to give up.  You have to figure out a way to see past the obstacles.  You have to face the giants too.

See Other’s Success 
Ethan my youngest son loves to watch and emulate American Ninja Warrior.  This show is about people trying to complete an obstacle course with the fastest time.  Ethan likes to make our basement an obstacle course and, of course, I have to time him.  He sure is strong and fast for a nine year old.  I love seeing him compete for his best time.  Sometimes on the show, it appears that an obstacle is going to be impossible for every contestant as one after another fails.  Then, someone finally completes it.  That changes everything.  Once the others see it done, more and more follow.  That is the key.  They witnessed success.  They saw it could be done.

Roger Bannister
The closest anyone ever came to running a mile under 4 minutes happened in the 1940’s and the time was 4:01.  For about 9 years, it was an obstacle that nobody in the world could overcome.  Everyone tried and everyone failed. Perhaps the human body was just not capable of such a feat.  There was a man that didn’t believe that.  He visualized himself breaking the record.  Even though no one had ever done it before, he saw his success.

On May 6 1954, Roger Bannister ran the mile in 3:59.4 seconds.  He became the first human being to run a mile in under 4 minutes.  This happened because he visualized his success and perhaps a nice wind at his back kicked up on the last turn.  What is more amazing to me is what happened next.  Just 46 days later an Aussie named John Landy ran the mile in 3:57.9.  Within the next 5 years about 20 more athletes would run the mile under 4 minutes.  Once they were able to see success they believed they could achieve it as well.

I don’t know what barriers you have in your life but I know you have some.  I know I have some that I really want to overcome.  They could be mental, emotional, physical or spiritual.  Whatever they are, I want you to know that there is hope for success.  Even if you have failed a hundred times, don’t give up.  Thomas Edison failed about 1000 times before he invented his light bulb.  If he gave up, he probably wouldn’t be famous today.

One of the keys to seeing your success is visualization.  The power of the mind is amazing.  You can accomplish great things by seeing your success in your mind first.  A Harvard study many years ago gave evidence that visualizing success is just as powerful as actually doing it.  Two groups of people were randomly assigned to practice shooting free throws.  One group practiced with basketballs.  The other group practiced by visualizing the ball going in the hoop.  After two weeks both groups improved about twenty percent.  Proof that our mind is very powerful.

Seeing your success is all about having the right mindset.  Picture yourself achieving what you desire.  Then, put your thoughts into action.  Yes, it will take discipline.  If it was easy, then everyone would do it.  Success often takes discipline, hard work and perseverance.  Also, you will have to constantly visualize new paths to success as roadblocks will pop up.

Credit Card Debt Example
Let’s say your goal is to get out of credit card debt.  And unfortunately right now you are just making minimum payments with no money to spare.  You just can’t see how it is possible to ever pay those cards off. That’s the problem with most people.  THEY CAN’T SEE IT!  They have no vision for a debt free life.

The first step is to picture in your mind opening the credit card statement and seeing a ZERO balance.  Then, picture yourself cutting up every card except the one tied to your bank account.  See yourself happy and going on a guilt-free vacation.  Don’t stop there.  Keep seeing your success.  See it every single day.

The second step is to educate yourself.  There is plenty of experts out there like Dave Ramsey who can give you a plan.  They can teach you how to do it.

The third step is to deal with the challenges.  Oh, the challenges will come.  Friends will want to go out.  You won’t want to cook dinner or pack a lunch.  Your kids need money for everything.  Here comes Christmas.  Ahhhhh!  That’s when you close your eyes and see yourself debt-free.  Reaching your long-term goal is more important than short-term happiness.  It is okay to say no.  It is ok to cut back at Christmas.  It is better than ok to eat dinner at home as a family.

The fourth step is to be disciplined and put your plan into action.  It takes discipline but the results are incredible.  It starts with paying more than the minimum on the lowest balance.  The more you say no to extras, the more you have to pay off balances.  Before you know it –boom – one card is done.  Then it is on to the next.  What you couldn’t see before starts to become clearer.

The final step is to celebrate.  Not by opening another card.  Just do something you love as a reward.  Then, decide what is next.

Seeing your success is not easy to do.  It took several years for me to get to the point of forgiveness with my step-father.  Once I did it, I felt a “giant” weight lifted away.  There are so many mental obstacles to overcome in life.  You can make it happen if you remember the key.  See your success daily.  It begins in your mind.  Find those quiet moments throughout the day to prepare your mind to overcome.  You can now face those giants with confidence.  The key is to see!

I hope this helps you and please add your comments below.