Train Your Body

Gold Medal
Did you ever win a medal growing up?  How about a trophy?  These days it seems that every kid gets a medal or trophy just for participating.  They have kind of lost their luster and uniqueness.  Not the Olympic gold medal, though. If you win that, then you will be a celebrity the rest of your life.  You are the crème de la crème.  Winning the Olympic gold requires hours and hours of training, not to mention lots of talent.  Very few win the Olympic gold.  Perhaps though, you have earned something through hard work and training.  You made some serious sacrifices and they paid off.  Maybe you ran a race and did your personal best.  Even if you only got a $10 t-shirt that became your gold medal because you know how hard you worked.  You wear it with pride.  I once ran the Detroit Free Press Half Marathon.  I trained hard for it and I was prepared.  It was a joy to cross the finish line and receive my medal.  I truly appreciated all the people that lined the streets to cheer.  Unfortunately, all that running took a toll on my knees and now I only run once or twice a week.  I have no plans to run any future races.  So, what motivates me to keep on training?

Motivation to Train
I have a friend that has to sign up for races to get motivated to exercise.  He was the one responsible for getting me to do the Tough Mudder.  That was a grueling race with over 25 obstacles and 12 miles of running.  What if you do not want to do a race?  You just want to be in great shape but motivating yourself is a challenge.  You are not alone!  Rather than signing up for a race, you could sign up for a class.  You could join a gym or buy a video workout.  I still pull out my P90X DVDs when I want a quick workout at home.  What if you just cannot seem to get off the couch?  Try playing energizing music or watching a video of someone competing.  That always motivates me to train.  What if you come home exhausted from work?  My wife will often just put on her workout clothes when she gets home or does not feel like working out.  After a while, she says to herself, “I am dressed for it, I should make it happen.”  Honestly, I have yet to see her put the workout clothes back in her dresser.  That strategy works for her and it can work for you.  I have also seen people put an ideal picture of themselves on the refrigerator, looking the way they want to look.  No doubt, that motivation comes in many forms.  Do what works for you because it is imperative to train your body for all the great benefits.

Exercise Benefits
Most people know that exercise is good for your physical health.  It has been drilled into you since you were a kid.  It helps you lose weight.  It keeps your heart healthy.  It builds strong muscles.  These are the things you usually think about, yet did you know that exercise does so much more?  My wife and I say all the time, “You are only one workout away from a good mood.”  How many times have you come home from a stressful day in a bad mood?  Exercise changes your brain chemistry which changes your mood.  Training is a great time to process your day and turn that frown upside down.  Exercise also boosts your energy levels, helps you sleep better and improves your sex life.  These are all fantastic benefits resulting from training as little as 30 minutes, 3-4 times a week.  Plus, if you make exercise a habit, it could become a “cornerstone” habit to total health and peak performance.

Cornerstone Habit
The cornerstone is the stone on which the others are placed to build an exceptional foundation.  The cornerstone keeps the other stones in line.  You need a cornerstone habit and for many, exercise is the cornerstone in which all other healthy habits are built upon.  When I exercise, I do not come home and eat junk food.  I make a delicious protein smoothie.  When I am exercising regularly, I take the time to eat healthy.  I also handle stress better, build my self-worth and renew my mind.  Lots of my healthy habits are built upon consistently training my body.  It is what keeps me in line.  How about you?  Is exercise your cornerstone habit?

Make It Happen
What will it take for you to make training your body a habit?  About 92% of people say that they always feel good after working out.  It only takes about 30 minutes of the 1440 minutes you have each day.  You have the time.  I have also given you several suggestions to motivate yourself and shared with you the phenomenal benefits.  Now it is time to get off your ass…pirations and make it happen.  You can do this!

I hope this helps you and please add your comments below.