What is 4D Performance?

You are a four dimensional person because you have a mind, body, emotions and a spirit.  If one of your dimensions is under-performing, then you cannot achieve total health and peak performance.  When all four dimensions are working together, the results are amazing.  It is what athletes call being “IN THE ZONE.”  It is a magnificent feeling being in the zone and I have experienced it many times in sports and in life.  Now, I am helping others live life in the zone and achieve their goals.  My method involves daily disciplines (healthy habits) that lead to success.  These are the daily disciplines I teach that make all the difference:

Renew Your Mind
Our culture is obsessed with being entertained which minimizes your creativity and growth. This discipline focuses on multiple ways to challenge and inspire your mind.

Build Your Self-Worth
Many people struggle with low self-esteem which limits overall performance. This discipline helps eliminate stinking thinking and build self-worth in a healthy way.

See Your Success
Fear and obstacles keep you from success. This discipline focuses on multiple ways to overcome those obstacles and peak perform even when the pressure is on.

Simplify Your Diet
There are so many mixed signals when it comes to a healthy diet. This discipline eliminates processed foods and promotes raw, organic, whole foods.

Train Your Body
Many people experience total life transformations when they make exercise their cornerstone habit. This discipline emphasizes the importance of cardio, weights, core, and flexibility.

Take Your Breaks
Life can be incredibly busy which leaves little time for rest and recovery. This discipline will instill regular breaks, a weekly break and the value of a vacation.

Own Your Stress 
Most people try to eliminate stress which is impossible.  This discipline will teach you multiple coping strategies to improve your mental health.

Master Your Emotions
Uncontrolled emotions can lead to dangerous behavior. This discipline helps you maneuver from negative emotions to positive ones and increases your emotional intelligence.

Maximize Your Energy
Emotions can wreak havoc on your mind and body and zap your energy. This discipline helps you channel your emotions to unleash energy when you need it most.

Examine Your Motives
It is so important to know why you do the things you do. This discipline is about discovering the heart of your motives and learning to respond appropriately.

Develop Your Relationships
It is easier to push people away then to forgive them. It is not unusual for people to take for granted their loved ones. This discipline focuses on forgiveness and going deeper in important relationships.

Live Your Life with Purpose
Most people want a happy life and usually go about the wrong way. This discipline helps you craft mission statements for each role you have in life so you can find true joy that lasts.

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